Would You Rather?? (feat. Brittany Broski) | Sarah Schauer
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  • Jada

    I've been in such a gigglely mood and I swear y'all get me weak

  • Jada

    I swear you two and your humour is so unmatched. Like these examples?! What's going inside y'all's head 😂😂

  • OG31

    sarah's dream is to have a stomach built like a donut

  • The Batzinator
    The Batzinator

    "A bloody ripped hole." ... so, all day every day?!?!

  • The Batzinator
    The Batzinator

    New drinking game: take a shot every time Sarah touches her hair...

  • Nom monster
    Nom monster

    i wanna be the author of twilight just so robert pattinson would hate me. the thought of that head empty creature being intimately aware of my existence, enough to hate a book series i wrote, fills me with immense pleasure

  • Brigid Rose
    Brigid Rose

    If I went to a guy’s house and he had a lizard I’d be mad excited but that’s probably because I also have a lizard

  • Elizabeth Cueto
    Elizabeth Cueto

    I’m my own worst enemy so..

  • Adam Kozloski
    Adam Kozloski

    Sara i miss your vines so much

  • Hunter Nix
    Hunter Nix

    Don’t mind me just vigilantly screening the bogs of Louisiana

  • Lindsay Banderob
    Lindsay Banderob

    The picture in the bill envelope has officially sent me over the edge.

  • Ada

    count me in for the plain but funny club 🙋‍♀️

  • Aleks_ Ovski
    Aleks_ Ovski

    wait I think I missed something, why is Stephanie Meyer (author of Twilight) an asshole? Genuinely wondering btw

  • Haze

    Am I the only one who likes and dislikes ads so they mostly show the short ones?????

  • Haze

    Idk how they live together I’m much more of a Sarah stan

  • L

    The bar with only I've Got a Feelin and only serves tequila is definitely what purgatory is like

  • lastimosa

    im way too sentimental to lose all my photos like literally therell be a blurry photo of my 11th grade desk and ill still be afraid to delete it for memories sake

  • take_your_pills

    how about a club that only serves black eyed peas and only plays Tequila by The Champs

  • Izzy H
    Izzy H

    brittany is gonna be like the haunt of the bogs of louisiana and she burps at her victims

  • Rutendo M
    Rutendo M

    sarah’s intro reminds me of something i’d see on yo gabba gabba

  • Deena Gal
    Deena Gal

    HHahaha I got a bearded dragon lizard 🦎😂😌

  • nevaeh valimont
    nevaeh valimont

    y’all are the cody ko and noel miller for gays

  • Wombat Person
    Wombat Person

    The first minute or so of this video is pure chaotic neutral and I live for it

  • lilly y
    lilly y

    the mayo at 12:53 got me levitatinggg

  • ◇ Päragoη ◇
    ◇ Päragoη ◇

    What's that opening song?

  • Michael Reily
    Michael Reily

    I have two belly buttons

  • Denice Grandchamp
    Denice Grandchamp

    You can definitely play with birds, but I only know this because my mom is one of those bird people.

  • minuteMaid

    *Fermented bog Brittany*

  • krgicamots -
    krgicamots -

    I have 3 birds and I’m 13 years old and I would NEVER EVER RECOMEND BIRDS MY EARS ARE BLEEDING

  • Marliodas Colon
    Marliodas Colon

    I’m highly allergic to agave so being in a club that sells only tequila will literally kill me. Sadness everywhere

  • Josie Yvonne
    Josie Yvonne

    9:53 agreed.

  • nina robbs
    nina robbs

    "like who actually thinks 'they're my enemy'" idk about anyone else but Trump is my enemy

  • Reilly L. Coad
    Reilly L. Coad

    A reversed monk haircut would be like a hair yarmulke 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sassattack

    This vile man brought cans back to my target and there was a dead MOUSE STUCK TO A TWO LITER and the person at the desk was so mortified they took it even tho he knew it was on there. He is my mortal enemy 😡

  • Jake Folman
    Jake Folman

    All I can think about is Sarah getting shot but it goes right through her bellyhole leaving her unharmed

  • Morgana, the Fallen
    Morgana, the Fallen

    Especially mutual enemies. Like, there are people I don’t like who probably don’t know or care. And there are people who don’t like me but I don’t even care. Is there anyone who has actual full on mutual enemies.

  • MalevolentRonWeasel

    God it's so fucking good please upload more I think y'all are amazing, I love your work!

  • Karla Maldonado
    Karla Maldonado

    A bar that only serves tequila and only plays the black eyed peas doesn’t exist? Bc I’m here for it, someone get on it

  • Sara Koalskins
    Sara Koalskins

    What’s that video called where they say would you rather kill 5 or 6 people

  • twink-182

    you two are so pretty omg-

  • Paige Rosner
    Paige Rosner

    Holy shit, you’re water and power bill is $359?!?!? Damn, I’ll like and subscribe just to help you pay that bill.

  • Phoenix DaVida
    Phoenix DaVida

    Sarah you are so gorgeous ❤️... Beautiful eyes, perrtty 👀 eyes!

  • Mossy

    Not to be dramatic but this is the funniest shit I've ever seen. I made the mistake of listening to you beasts while driving and I almost crashed my car laughing. Thanks for the seritonen.

  • Z M
    Z M

    How is Sarah's hair so shiny and smooth?🤩❤️

  • Raven Sorros
    Raven Sorros

    i love how one eye blinks before the other like a lizard

  • Jolina Lee
    Jolina Lee

    Can we talk about how Beautiful Brittany is? Even her Hands are pretty😪❤️

  • Rahel Gebremeskel
    Rahel Gebremeskel

    I’d like to talk about the $300 utility bill

  • Sammy Heaton
    Sammy Heaton

    I was taking my antidepressants while watching Britney scream and I choked

  • Alexis D
    Alexis D

    I’d kill every member of my family to be able to hang out with u guys once

  • nicksnowflake

    I know I'm a bit late to this party but for watching this video almost spit water all over my work computer lol

  • Meghan Stehle
    Meghan Stehle

    Y’all are both beautiful

  • Daniel Naman
    Daniel Naman

    God I love yall

  • Sarah Dunham
    Sarah Dunham

    QUESTION, does cerebral help with bipolar do you know?

  • kaylee stubley
    kaylee stubley

    God, I wish I was friends with both of them they just seem so funny and cool. as a 21 year old, I can only hope in the future I can reach this kinda comedy gold

  • Grayson Jenkins
    Grayson Jenkins

    my boyfriend has a lizard and that bich is weird asf i will admit

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L

    a club that only serves black eyed peas and only plays the song Tequila

  • Jakob Timmons
    Jakob Timmons


  • H May
    H May

    10,000 liters = 2641 gallons 1 gal = 8 lbs = 21,128 total lbs Avg human poops 1/4 to 1 lbs per day = 21,128 to 84,512 days =57.8 to 231.5 years of mayo poo I realize this formula is flawed but I couldnt help myself. If someone else did this first...my bad. I didnt scroll that far.

  • Spencer Mclaughlan
    Spencer Mclaughlan

    I love how 80s Brittany is in this video. The makeup, the hair, the clothes. She looks so good!

  • Anopoula

    why is brittany eating from a litter box

  • Tahani Lopez
    Tahani Lopez

    Y'all should do a bailey sarian inspired video where you do your makeup and talk about true crime theories

  • Melanie Gee
    Melanie Gee

    Has anyone ever told Brittany she obnoxious af 💀 ugh u cool tho sarah

  • alyssa brooke
    alyssa brooke

    can we talk about how sarah has 420k subscribers? is this nirvana?

  • Puerca Rabiosa
    Puerca Rabiosa

    Question: what is wrong with Stephanie Meyers?

  • Olivia Hampton
    Olivia Hampton

    Sponsor ends at 2:58

  • Pudding Pie
    Pudding Pie

    My favorite time stamps 3:39 I am HHWWWIte 8:17 OH MY GOD it’s Kombucha girl! 8:21 she loved lesiana

  • Matlyn Krogman
    Matlyn Krogman

    lizard girls are cool, and lizard men are weird i attest

  • Rodrick’s NutSock
    Rodrick’s NutSock

    What’s the tea on Miss. Stephanie? I missed it

  • Terrible Tito
    Terrible Tito

    I’d tell the first graders that their pets died cause I fucking DETEST kids

  • Angel

    Obsessed with the bangs and bald head because that is an actual hair cut called a Chelsea

  • misscottencandy15

    BRITTANY LISTEN any time a group chat mentions mayonnaise at all in any context I consistently add in "you know mayonnaise poops make brittany_broski feel skinny" to the conversation

  • Pudding Pie
    Pudding Pie

    11:55 y’all are laughing but I found a girl with that hair on tiktok. She has the framing pieces, and like a ring of hair that she puts in a ponytail

  • Depressed Walnut
    Depressed Walnut

    Pov: your on "Sarah Schaur Mix" for the 8th time

  • Taylor Sisneros
    Taylor Sisneros

    SO damn funny XD

  • danny

    had a friend with a bearded dragon. she spit on my moms car and also nonconsensually showed me her per china 🤨

  • kennedy nini
    kennedy nini

    As someone who is from Louisiana, I dont know why Brittany would want to die here but our cemeteries do have excellent vibezz 😌

  • Mers_20

    I'm at work right now & it would be so inappropriate to laugh and you two talking about anal seepage is not helping.

  • Jenni Gomez
    Jenni Gomez

    They are literally my therapy

  • Cj White
    Cj White

    As a bird person. I am hurt 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Isabelle Crenshaw
    Isabelle Crenshaw

    i’d love to see y’all make a podcast! i’m a lil obsessed w/ pee poo time

  • sydhazlett


  • Veronica Jensen
    Veronica Jensen

    says they’d rather be separated from their family while sitting next to their cousin lol

  • Katie Lorentz
    Katie Lorentz

    Hi Sarah!! I can’t watch this video because would you rather stresses me out??? And I am mentally unwell (Entirely a me thing) anyways ily and can’t wait for the next video

  • Petra Joyce
    Petra Joyce

    Your hair looks so healthy Sarah 😍😍😍

  • Electra Solstice
    Electra Solstice

    Honestly I think the boss option for the diarrhoea whenever your boss is there would be a better option because if a IRbinr thinks they will _ever_ even HEAR BACK from Susan I don’t know what planet they are on because it ain’t this one. Edit: whelp. That is a comment I never thought I would write but considering I have I think this is the most appropriate channel to have left it on (no need for it to have been specific to this one).

  • Lucca Garcia
    Lucca Garcia

    This was the funniest video ever!!!!

  • JoDee Henderson
    JoDee Henderson

    ab the pet question 😂 one time a girl i went to school with came up to me and said “will you tell coach i wont be at volleyball i was up all night resuscitating my lizard”

  • rayuu

    i just discovered your channel today and when the jimmy neutron edit came through i just said "okay thats enough I'm going to sleep" and i hit subscribe and turned off my computer.

  • Tiggmuffin

    As someone who has had 3 fucking housefires....keep your pictures, they are everything when you have nothing! Also I would strangle 3 humans....that I like... to never see that dentist again!

  • gasp bunny
    gasp bunny


  • Emmi Williamson
    Emmi Williamson

    "Short & illiterate." So me

  • Autumn Huntsberry
    Autumn Huntsberry

    Tbh Brittany can just repost her photos somehow and end up with all her money and valuables again

  • agirlnamedally


  • Jesse Irvin
    Jesse Irvin

    as a girl that has literally had a leopard gecko her whole life (in lizard years hes 100 yrs old hes wildin) im honored that u think im cool

  • Marina Saurus
    Marina Saurus

    Oop- Tall and anemic...I didn't need to be called out like that

  • Nich Dropa
    Nich Dropa

    I love how they don’t even know what videos they filmed

  • Just Stuff
    Just Stuff

    By 9:54 you two hurt me on a personal level. 🥺 I'm a guy who owns a lizard and a bird.

  • I don't know
    I don't know

    The shaved hairline thing is literally just Avatar Yangchen

  • Rooftop Your mom
    Rooftop Your mom

    "hot balls in your mayonaise shit" lololol im dead

  • ri

    i cannot explain but sarah and brittany are the exact polar opposite of girl defined